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Teamspeak 3 Details

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:14 pm
by Flammo
What is Teamspeak 3.

TeamSpeak 3 is modern communication program that allows us to talk to others while playing a game, and is a requirement for FiFoGaming. Of course you do not need to be playing to use it, you can use it as way of just chatting to friends and fellow clan members.

Where do i download Teamspeak 3?

The software you require for this is TeamSpeak 3, the latest client version can be downloaded from, it is available for Windows x86 and x64, Linux x86 and x64 and Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad) , Andriod and FreeBSD.

How do i join Teamspeak 3?

Our TeamSpeak 3 server is available public.
The server is provided for the use of all members of FiFoGaming.
All the required details to join the server can be found below:

Teamspeak Ip: